My name is Doug Casson and I've been employed by Agrium Fertilizers for the last 37 years. I am an Instrument
Mechanic at the Redwater site located 16 miles north of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

As a teenager, I grew up in Kamloops, British Columbia. Living around the hills of BC, motorcycles and all terrain
vehicles have always been a large attraction in the area. I purchased my first dirt bike at the age of 13. I began
cross country motorcycle racing when I was 15 and carried on, in dirt tracks, until I was almost 17 years old.

At the age of 16, I bought my first car and got involved in hotrods and drag racing. I still love the hotrods but found
myself back into the motorcycles again by the age of 19. This time though, I purchased my first hi-way
motorcycle, a 1973 Harley Davidson Sportster. Two years later, I bought a full sized big twin Harley Davidson.

I'm now 58 years old and have been riding these motorcycles ever since.

In 1982 I founded the Fort Saskatchewan Motorcycle Association as well as an annual motorcycle rally to
compliment the association. When we lost a close friend to cancer in the fall of 1990, I reorganized the annual
rally as a cancer benefit where all the funds generated from this event were donated to the Canadian Cancer
Society as well as to hold tribute to a brother lost. This event, known as the "Cancer Ride" continues today,
nearly a quarter century after that first motorcycle rally. In 1998 I opened my own part time motorcycle shop and
continue to serve the Fort Saskatchewan area in terms of motorcycle parts, accessories and service.

In 2000, I began building my nitro methane powered Harley Davidson dragster and completed the project in 2002.
I've since been racing the western Canadian circuit (CMDRA)